April 11, 2011

Hearts of San Francisco

So by now my blog is starting to look like an open love letter to San Francisco-- honestly, it really is. I love this city and am super proud to have been born and raised here! And if you haven't already figured it out, this blog is primarily following my life here in San Francisco!

Yesterday, Mr. W. and I went to this fashion show thing called Thread. It's supposed to be a fashion show showcasing local designers that are eco-freindly. It was located at the top of the Metreon.. and honestly, Mr. W. and I stayed no longer than 20 minutes. The people there were all hipsters and super trendy but so snooty! Nobody said anything to us, not even the vendors. Boooo. I didn't even bother to take any pictures because I was so uninterested and bored of the whole event!

Afterwards, we took advantage of the situation and decided to walk around downtown. First stop is Westfield Mall! It's so gorgeous inside!

This used to be Emporium but now it's Westfield Mall. Such a gorgeous structure!
After our little shopping trip (I'll post my finds in another blog), we decided to check out Burger Bar, located at the 3rd to top level of Macy's.

What it looks like from the outside

My gorgeous view-- Mr. W. looking cute as a lamb!
I don't think I've ever showed off Mr. W's very cute face on this blog yet, but I'm proud to say that I have a very adorable boyfriend! He's full Chinese! Can you believe that?!

Look at our view! It almost looks like a painting.

Here I am with my view-- not so exciting like Mr. W.'s.

I ordered the Raspberry Velvet Float which is a raspberry flavored beer with vanilla ice cream! It was so delicious! I don't usually like beer but I highly recommend to try this if you ever get a chance to!

It's probably a billion calories but it's definitely worth it!
The burgers were underwhelming for us. I can't remember the name of the burger I got but basically it was the basic one and I added caramelized onions, portobello mushrooms and cheddar cheese on ciabatta bread. It was ok-- didn't love it, didn't hate it!

My burger with sweet potato fries
Afterwards, we just walked around and did a little cam whoring! Here we are in front of Saks!

If you're a native San Franciscan then you've probably already seen these hearts scattered around SF. I can't tell you for a fact what the meaning of them is, but here is what I've heard and what I believe makes sense.

Somewhere down the line I heard that it's a project called "Hearts of San Francisco". Companies or people purchase these hearts and design them as they wish and place them where ever they want in the city. This is probably one of my favorite ones because it truly captures my love for San Francisco!

I hella love SF!
Another successful gorgeous Sunday! Mr. W. and I calculated that if we live to be 85, we'd have 3,120 more perfect Sundays to enjoy. I hope he's ready to plan me 3,120 more adventurous Sundays!



alice san said...

aww!! i love it!!! the picture was so adore sweeties..:) wish to go there someday..hehe:)

♥ tiffabulous said...

Yes you should! If you ever do-- let me know so I can give you some tips on where to go!!

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