April 26, 2011

Happy Belated Easter!

Happy belated Easter! For those who celebrate-- I hope you made it through with your sacrifices for Lent. Mine was a bit of a failure but it did prompt me to make a revision of my New Year's Resolutions, which I shall blog about in another blog!

To celebrate Easter, Mr. W. and I ate with his family at his mom's house. Mr. W. is quite the chef and made spaghetti to go with his mom's honey baked ham! Both were very delicious!

Being useless in the kitchen, I, of course, did what I always do-- I brought a cake! I chose to go with a classic this time, Strawberry shortcake with lady fingers! It was quite good and I don't think anyone noticed my culinary defect!

It was so cute how they even had Easter decorations on the cake!

As if two cakes and a hearty portion of ice cream wasn't enough, Mr. W. begged and pouted for froyo. I wasnt going to get any, but when I noticed our favorite froyo place got those new toppings that I love, I caved in!

I got my usual, original tart with fruit toppings. This time I added the poppers! Mr. W. and I had it a couple of months but never found them again! You can imagine how excited we were when we saw these last night!!

See these small round balls? It actually pops in your mouth! Such a crazy interesting thing to eat! If you ever see it at your local froyo, I highly recommend trying it out!



che said...

Happy Belated Easter Dear! The cake looks delicious in it's decorated glory. Haha usually I'm the one putting the pout up for froyo and the BF caves in, your froyo looks so colourful.

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