April 28, 2011

Swallow Me Thin

Talk about some extreme dieting! Women in China are swallowing round worm eggs to loose weight as a way to up their chances for employment. The job market is so competitive that they feel that the only way to beat the competition is to be thin. Swallowing round worms, as you may already suspect, is incredibly dangerous. Don't believe me? Check this article out!

Here's a picture of what a hatched roundworm looks like. I wonder if these women know what a round worm looks like when they swallowed those eggs?

Growing up, I always felt the pressure of having to be thin. I was never that fat but at the same time, I just not a really skinny gal. After gaining almost 20lbs from my first year of college at University of Arizona, it seriously plunged me into depression. Being fit in high school was so natural for me since I was a dancer/cheerleader. For two years after, I tried-- to no success-- to shed the freshman twenty. Honestly, it was one of the darkest times of my life. I didn't have many photos of that period.. here's one I found that slightly shows my weight gain.

Can't really see my face but you can definitely tell I was heavier. I know it doesn't look like I gained much but trust me-- at one point, my 5'2 frame weighed 138 lbs. I didn't realize how big I got until I stepped on the scale one day at the doctor's office and the nurse was convinced the scale was broken..

Since moving to Irvine, I've made it a lifestyle to work out. I vowed never to get back to being fat. It's been 5 years since my drastic weight gain and since then, I've been on a roller coaster ride of weight loss and gain. The margins are small, probably about 5lbs but it's enough to make me obsessive of my weight. At one point, I ate tuna and crackers for dinner and worked out every single day. I'm happy to say that I'm in a much happier place now and even though that word "fat" that seems to continue to lurk behind me, I am able to balance a healthy diet with sufficient work out.

I'm going to Vegas and Socal at the end of June and it is my personal goal to make sure that I will be in the best shape of my life. It's not that this trip is of any big significance but it's just something that I must do for myself. I'm approaching the age of 25 and I feel like if I can't get myself into shape now, I will never do it.

In January, I decided to kick start my "after holidays work out". I began working out 4-5 days a week and focused a lot on my stomach. I've taken many different work out classes and even picked up hula again after a 5 year hiatus. Lately, I've started taking Bikram Yoga and I feel like it's really working. Here's a picture of my tummy from this morning and a pic of me in my bathing suit.

Its bot perfect yet, but I'm happy to be at least seeing results! My main goal for myself is to be able to get to a point where I can wear anything and not feel self conscious. I think it'll take a couple more months, but I know I can do it! It's time to work double time to get into that perfect bikini body!


April 27, 2011

Mac &Cheesin' On Your Tots!

I'm a sucker for mac&cheese. So when Eva W. suggested to go to Q, a place known for their mac&cheese over tater tots, you better believe I was all for it!

The decor of the place was hip and we were seated at the large take in the back! We thought the table was so cool since it had a tree right in the middle-- that is until we realized how awkward it was to converse with a tree blocking the person across from you!

The tree even comes adorned with Christmas lights!! But see how it's awkwardly positioned? I guess it works if there's someone you don't want to see at dinner!

On the backboard of our booth there were magnetic letters! Being the cheeseball he is, Mr. W. made this. (and since he's a boy, he also decided to make a couple of highly inappropriate words as well!)

Of course we had a camwhore a little before the food came!

Before long, the most important part came-- sangriaaaa! What's a dinner without sangria right?

The sangria this time is not as good as Andalu and it's also not bottomless. Therefore, the dinner didn't get quite as wild!

It wasmt long before the highly anticipated dish came out-- mac&cheese with tater tots! I felt that it looked better than it tasted. The cheese was tooo rich. Any bite without tater tots was way too cheesey. What a bummer!

Here I am with Denisey W. in front of the cute wall! Denise always looks picture perfect!

Kartom wanted in on the fun with all the magnetic letters too and decided to make this:

And yes, she is one hot mama!

Me and KarTom!
For main entrees, Denise ordered the fried chicken, which was just decent. I personally think nothing can beat KFC or Popeyes. I just feel like everyone else's fried chicken is just too dry.. and this is coming from someone who loves white meat!

Mr. W. had the meatloaf. We all thought that it tasted like beef jerky but apparently he loved it.

I ordered the duck. I liked it a lot but it's a bit on the dry side. Duck is a hard dish and I feel like more often than not, I end up disappointed.

After dinner we took a short walk down the street and ended up at a place called Rock-it Room. Unfortunately, it was reggae night and we were definitely not feeling it. So we decided to go back to our friend Randy's house to do a game night and to put Emmy's margarita maker to use!

Here is Eva Diva making margaritas. She's known notoriously for pouring wayyy too much alcohol into people's glasses but luckily she behaved that night!

Now here's a picture of Emmy with the margarita glasses that I bought him for Christmas!

Afterwards, we went onto a boys vs. girls game of catch phrase-- the boys cheated and won. Oh well.. we'll get them next time!


April 26, 2011

Happy Belated Easter!

Happy belated Easter! For those who celebrate-- I hope you made it through with your sacrifices for Lent. Mine was a bit of a failure but it did prompt me to make a revision of my New Year's Resolutions, which I shall blog about in another blog!

To celebrate Easter, Mr. W. and I ate with his family at his mom's house. Mr. W. is quite the chef and made spaghetti to go with his mom's honey baked ham! Both were very delicious!

Being useless in the kitchen, I, of course, did what I always do-- I brought a cake! I chose to go with a classic this time, Strawberry shortcake with lady fingers! It was quite good and I don't think anyone noticed my culinary defect!

It was so cute how they even had Easter decorations on the cake!

As if two cakes and a hearty portion of ice cream wasn't enough, Mr. W. begged and pouted for froyo. I wasnt going to get any, but when I noticed our favorite froyo place got those new toppings that I love, I caved in!

I got my usual, original tart with fruit toppings. This time I added the poppers! Mr. W. and I had it a couple of months but never found them again! You can imagine how excited we were when we saw these last night!!

See these small round balls? It actually pops in your mouth! Such a crazy interesting thing to eat! If you ever see it at your local froyo, I highly recommend trying it out!


April 24, 2011

Shabu Away!

Ever since we discovered an all you can eat shabu shabu place in Irvine, Mr. W. and I simply cannot have enough of it! For those who are shabu shabu rookies, it's a Japanese style hot pot which literally translates to "swish swish". Sometimes I crave the taste of that spicy miso broth plus tons of garlic and ponzu sauce just to go with my rice! There's this one particular spot that we always go to-- Shabu House. The reason why I loove them is because even after trying a couple of different places, thier meat quality and broth are no doubt the best! They slice their perfectly marbled meat into thin slices-- perfect to to go swish swish in!

Ready to go, just waiting on the water to boil!

At one point this past winter, Mr. W. and I probably shabued two-three times a week! Shabu is perfect on a cold and rainy San Francisco day!!

See how the meat is close to being perfect? After cooking a couple of slices, all the veggies and the broth starts to taste extra good and extra meaty!

Mr. W. know how much I love tofu-- so to prevent them from getting lost, he used the mushroom as a little boat. It's incredibly brilliant and a funny sight at the same time!

Shabu is always fun and always leaves me so warm and satisfied! Perfect beginning to a night of movies and snuggling!


April 22, 2011

NOTD: Giants Inspired

I'd be lying if I said I grew up a Giants fan. While all my friends and fam were always pretty hardcore Giants fan-- I really couldn't call myself one. It's not that I'm not a fan just not a die hard fan! I am definitely proud that they won the World Series last year tho!! Woohoo!

Here's what my nails looked like first. I'm not a big orange person but decided to give Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri in Snappy Sorbet a try!

After staring at it for a good few minutes, I decided it's just not me. So I gave it a remix again! This time I used Milani's Gold glitter polish. I didn't really like the big fat gold sparkles but I guess it came out to be a little interesting!

I'm not crazy about my nails this time, but too lazy to redo them! I'll just wear it for a couple of days first!

One last thing! Spotted this ad in my magazine. I'm drooling over all the colors... Except the silver shatter? Can't wait to add that to my extensive polish collection!!

Go Giants!


Cherry Blossom Festival

On the morning of the fnal day of Cherry Blossom Festival here in San Francisco, I read that Hello Kitty would be "waving smiles" at 1PM. Immediately, I took to my phone to wake every person I planned on going with-- the W. trio, Emmett, Pete and KarTom. I was determined to get there ASAP to ensure a good spot, avoid lines and to of course, catch a glimpse of my beloved feline.

Parking there was a nightmare so being a sweetheart that he is, Mr. W. dropped us girls off first and then went out to look for parking. The first thing we spotted was this fried mochi sign. We were all intrigued and wanted to see what this is all about!

It wasn't awful but kinda tasted like just a deep fried ball with sauce. Nothing too exciting!

ehh looks and sounds better!
The best part of the festival is definitely being able to drink on the streets!

We decided to keep classy and drink out of the paper bag like hobos since the bottles were so cold in our hands!

Next up on our menu, the famous teriburger! We waited for a good 15 minutes for it and in my opinion, it was well worth our wait!

Yum Yum. I finished mine within minutes!
The best part of the burger was that it was cooked by the Fire Academy of CCSF. Denise W. immediately spotted an eye candy-- which I'm sure made her 15 minute wait go by much quicker!

We then had a series of goodies, including, a billion gyozas, unaju and hurricane popcorn. While the two girls went to the ladie's room, I heard them announce Hello Kitty. Mr.W. and I dropped everything and rushed into the crowd.

Unforunately, I'm too short and only got a glimpse of the bus. :( Fail, but I guess that's better than nothing at all!

Sanrio Bus
While at the ladies' room, Eva and Denise managed to snatch up 3 Hello Kitty hats! Yay!


Even Jon was in a festive mode and wanted to walk in Hello Kitty's ears!

After everyone regrouped, we decided to venture back out to the festival grounds and finally try the takoyaki (I think that's what it's called!) We waited in line for about AN HOUR! Crazy! Apparently, that is the main attraction.

They made them on the spot!

Originally I wanted only 4 to share with Mr. W. but since we waited so long, I decided I needed to amp it up and get 8 instead! They were such a disappointment. Did not enjoy them one bit. Bleh. Never will I wait for them again!

On a brighter note, Mr. W. got me a little surprise!

Pink and bubbly!
Hello Kitty bubbly! Yay! Can't wait to pop this and try it out!!

We were so exhausted after the wait and decided to call it a day and all went home! It was a fun day filled with food, lines and good times with good friends!


April 19, 2011

Killed by Sangria

Wine improves with age, I improve with wine.
I don't know whose wise words those are but I got them from the sign Kris and Emmett got Eva after our great night with sangria!

Twas the night our big group of eight decided to go to Andalu for bottomless sangria. Where there is sangria and us three, there is trouble. Throw in 5 more? There's a chaos!

The inside of Andalu is quite posh, as Eva would say. Luckily for us, we were seated conveniently at the corner-- so our loud drunkness didn't disrupt the ambiance of the restaurant.

The three of us arrived the earliest, so we got the best seats in the house!
Before everyone arrived, Mr. W, Emmy and I had started our night away already with two chugs of red sangria and one white one!

I personally preferred the white one but by the end of the night, it all tasted the same!
I've never seen strawberries in sangria before! Yum!

Maybe it was the strawberries that got us so drunk?
Though we were thoroughly impressed by the sangria, the food didn't fall too short either! My favorite of the night-- ahi tacos!

these itty bitty tacos were delicious!
Next up was the goat cheese fondue. Nothing to write about really... didn't care too much for the bitterness of the cheese.

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Denise likes to model with our dinner! Typical Denisey picture!

Denisey and her sangria!
Miss Eva chose to double fist with a full glass of sangria-- no surprise, she was drunk within the first half hour!

One in each hand, Eva is down to business!
Fried mac&cheese was next. I'm not sure if you know, but I have a soft spot for mac&cheese and anything deep fried. These little fried delights definitely rocked my world!

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Denisey posing with her try of sliders! I love baby hamburgers! So cute!

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What a night! Our waiter did a wonderful job at keeping up with our booze. At no point in the night was our table empty of sangria! To recap a couple of things that happened-- we all learned how to speak Vietnamese from Eva, stole the waiter's pen, concluded that Mr. W's stomach hates him and of course, chugged down at least 15 pitchers of sangria! Best part is? We paid $19 for the bottomless booooze and $19 for all the food! Another steal! I seriously woke up the next day, thirsty for more sangria!

What a good night with good friends!

Cheers to sangria!