March 30, 2011

Three Little Birdies Exploring the City!

Yesterday was my roomie from Irvine, Denisey's 24th birthday!! Happppy birthday! Both Eva and I decided to take the day off to celebrate with our dear dear friend! I started off the morning with some Bikram Yoga then quickly went home to get ready for Denise's special day! What a fabulous day of girl time! Definitely reminds me of the days when Denise and I lived in Irvine and Eva came to visit us every month!
Eva W., Denise W., and I.. a.k.a the three stooges!

Here's what we really look like! Eva W. Denise W. and myself! I'm definitely blessed with good looking friends :)
 Our first stop was R&G Lounge for lunch! Soooooo yummy! A bit overpriced tho-- $40 for one crab! o.O

Their signature dish: salt and pepper crab!

Next stop was San Francisco's famous V.I.P. in Chinatown for dan tats! Usually it's warm and flaky but unfortunately, it was just lukewarm today. Oh well, better luck next time!

Custard tarts!
 After lunch, we decided to go home and take a minibreak before heading out to happy hour! While parked, someone hit Denise's van! Wtheck?!! Luckily, the man was nice and insured so it was no biggie! Seems like every year at around Denise's birthday, a minivan gets hit. Hope this is not going to be a tradition!

During our rest time, I actually discovered my new favorite fruit-- the dragonfruit! What is not to love? It's pink, exotic and tastes like a sweet kiwi! Yummmm! Can't wait to get more!
Dragonfruit-- my new favorite fruit!
Finally it was happy hour time! We picked Ponzu as our first stop. We had to rush there to make it for hh and it felt like we had to walk a mile from our car through the ghetto to get to this spot-- poor Eva, she was wearing heels too! *sigh* Beauty is pain!

We were slightly disapointed by the happy hour drinks but they made up for the lack of good hh drinks with good hh food! We literally ordered everything on the menu except for three! Definitely sounds like us little piggies!
Denise and I! Roomie love! I got buzz off of one glass of champagne. Super cheap date!

Eva Diva and Denisey! Bestie since they were in the womb!

Most of our hh dishes! Fries, satay, calamari, chicken wings, veggie root chips...more coming!

Kobe slider! Sooo tiny and cute!

Kalbi short ribs.
Unsatisfied by our hh experience at Ponzu, we decided to venture out to another hh spot, Sugar Cafe.
 We were all so glad that we did. The decor of the place was so nice and chill with a cute barista/bartender! We eneded up sitting and chatting for almost two hours about life. While chatting, we spotted this gorgeous man walk in (not as gorgeous as my Mr. W. of course!)! All three of us were star strucked by how good looking he was-- we all agreed that he made the bartender look like nothing. Hot men definitely made Denise's birthday 10x better!
Our view in Sugar Cafe
Brownie sundae
My day out with two of my best girl friends made me realize what a lovely city I live in and how lucky I am that I have such good company. Now that Eva is finally done with her MCAT, I can't wait to see what other adventures we have in store for us!

Even a bad picture can't deny the beauty of this city.


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