March 21, 2011

There's Always Time to Shop After the Storm!

The weather in Cali has been crazy for the past week. Along with rainstorms and tornadoes there were mini tsunamis and earthquake predictions. Scary stuff.

Luckily for us, on Sunday, the sun decided to give us a sweet surprise and came out to play! What's the best morning after rainstorm remedy? Shopping!

Mr. W, my mom, Beebs and I decided to go on a mini roadtrip and drive two hours to our favorite outlet to do some bargain shopping! We all ended with some goodies, but I definitely did the most damage!

I bought this little going out clutch at the Coach outlet for $50! They have 30% off on top of the 20% on top of their outlet price! Quite the steal!

I just absolutely love clutches with inside slots. It's perfect for a night out! I won't have to worry about my ID or credit cards falling out while I'm constantly taking my camera in and out to camera whore!

There's even a little back pocket! This sparkly leather color is closer to the true color than the top one!

I also got this bikini at Gap! (never would've guessed huh!) I love the fit of the top-- it offers support and is super flattering on my lady lumps! It was only $25 for the set since we had friends&family! Another steal!

My next purchase was not a steal-- it's silly that I went to the Sony outlet to buy a full priced lappy. :( But I didn't want to wait!!

Originally I had my eye on the 11 inch MacBook Air but once I saw this VAIO, I fell in love. What's not to love? It's pink, sleek, ultra portable and did I mention it has the same specs as the MacBook Air for much less?

Now I can finally blog on an actually computer and not my iPhone! (even though I am currently still blogging on my phone AND my old VAIO has no problems with it!)

Bebe is such a camerawhore! The minute I pull up my phone to snap photos of my new computer, she had to run in and pose! Here she is just chilling in front of my new lappy that is totally her size!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! If you're in the stormy weather, hope you stayed dry and drive safe!



little miss glamourous said...

your dog is supppppperrrrrrrr cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tess said...

I love your pink sony laptop, I'm stuck with a boring black one! x

♥ tiffabulous said...

@littlemissglamourous: Beebs saids thanks!

@Tess: you can always try to find a pink skin for yours! and black is always in! :)