March 10, 2011

Save some face-- get some good skincare!

Last night I had the worst nightmare a girl could ever have-- I dreamt that I woke up with awful, bumpy and pimply skin. The horror!

My biggest beauty concern is always my skin. A woman's skin can say a lot that we all wish it didn't. For instance, it can definitely reveal her age (though unlikely, it can always work in favor of her too!), how well she takes care of herself and obviously how hygienic she is. I've always looked at my skin as a palette. If I took off my eyes, cheeks and brows, I look like a whole different person, but with or without make up, my skin is still the same. I rarely put any foundation on-- no matter how natural a foundation claims to be, in my experience, it's never as light and natural as your bare skin.

People always say that I'm lucky because I was born with nice skin-- honey, it's not luck, it's good products! Recently I've discovered two staples in my skincare regimen; a new skin oil and miracle working moisturizer.

If you're at all into Asian skincare, then I am sure you have heard of DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil. I've used Shu Uemera's skin oil for a while now and absolutely loved it, but I didn't see why I shouldn't try something new! To my surprise, I felt that DHC trumped Shu.

For those of you who are new to cleansing oils, basically it's a two step cleanser. First you used the oil to remove your make up. It's amazing-- your make up will literally dissolve!! Then you apply water and wash the oil off. With the Shu skin oil, I always had to use a gentle wash after to clear my skin of oil, but with DHC, I am able to make it a one step cleansing process. No oil residue and no stripping of the skin. My skin feels hydrated without feeling and looking oily!

Next up is the moisturizer that saved my winter! It not only hydrate my skin but relieved me of my eczema outbreaks! Yay! It's unscented and super thick so when used at night, I wake up with really supple skin.

I'll skim on mascaras, clothes, shoes.. but never on skin care! Over the years, I've already started to notice small wrinkles and freckles-- I'm definitely trying to preserve my skin as much as possible!

Let's give a toast to staying young and looking young!