March 28, 2011

Project Va Va Voom: 2 and a half week progress check

It's the two and a half week progress mark and I just wanted to show how my lashes have grown.

Here they are fully mascara-d. Honestly, the effects are less impressive when I'm wearing make up-- I almost feel like they looked very close to this before I started to use Latisse...

Bam! Here they are au natruale with no mascara at all! Look at the length!

I'm not sure if I'd continue spending $120 on a 3mL bottle every month of so. The results are just decent so far and I feel like my natural lashes are already long enough. I'm going to finish the bottle and continue to see what kind of results I get before I make the decision!



a, said...

the mascara really makes your lashes look really thick.

your natural lashes look so good! fully curled and long :)

♥ tiffabulous said...

thanks :)