March 11, 2011

Meet Beebs!

I just wanted to introduce my little 4.5 lbs pommie bear, Bebe (aka Beebs) to everyone in blogger world! She's my baby and the best companion anyone can ever ask for! Sure she hogs the whole bed and snores like a 250 pound man but she has the cutest puppy face and cuddles like no other dog!

Beebs loves to wear clothes... Especially pink clothes! :)

This little devil is cutest when she's sleeping!

She seriously forgets all her manners when she's sleeping!

Bebe and mommy says goodnight!!



Nish G. said...

Haha he is so adorable with that snuggie!!!!

♥ tiffabulous said...

Thanks! She gets way too cold in the winter so she needs to wear her snuggie to keep warm! haha!