March 20, 2011

Tickle Me Feather

Ever since I could remember, I've always wanted a tattoo. I went from a scorpion to a bow and ended up with something way more meaningful than I originally thought of. It literally took me six years to get this tattoo!

I've always been told that I was proud as a peacock-- and honestly, I'm vain like one too. I've always said, vanity is my favorite sin and I have absolutely no problems admitting to it. I don't believe in walking out looking un-put together. I like my nails and hair to always be done and my make up to be immaculate. Sounds vain and high maintenance, but what's wrong with that? I don't ask or expect people around me to do the same.

Long story short, I've always been ridiculed for being high maintenance, vain and competitive. Like a peacock spreading his tail to court the object of his affection, I too will put on my best to get whatever it is that I want.

On a more less-selfish meaning, my three feathers are a homage to three important women who impacted my life greatly and taken away too early. My auntie Marianne, Cat and Pearl were three very different women but they all stood for strong, independent women. Having them in my life was a blessing and I'm continuing being blessed with them watching over me in heaven.

Here is what first session left me with. Looking back, we probably should've looked through portfolios and selected an artist more carefully, but with beginners luck, KarTom and I found Ryan. He took his time sketching our vision and he did a fabulous time incorporating his with ours. After 3 hours of bitching, moaning and squeezing Mr. W's hand till it turned purple, I was finished with my outline!! Special thanks to KarTom who knew exactly what to do (keep talking to me) to take my mind of the pain! Even the artist said it was a "pretty sizable" tattoo for a first timer!

Couple months later, I finally got it shaded in! In this picture, you can still see my blood from the tips! Another 2 hours and my feathers were finished forever! I'm in love with the colors and cannot wait to show if off in the summer! I specifically wanted it somewhere where it'll only show when I want it to-- and even though the side is known tremendously for being painful, I knew I had to deal with the pain and follow my heart on what I wanted! A tattoo is for life-- not a time to compromise what I want!

This has really motivated me to start working out and focusing on achieving a tone flat tummy!

One month later... I have an ab dimple!! Eyes on the prize-- give me two more months and my tummy will be flat as a board!

Now hopefully I can come up with a 2nd tattoo sooner than another 6 years!


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