March 31, 2011

Another Gorgeous San Francisco Day & NOTD Remixed!

If you're from San Francisco then you know how often we see sunshine and can walk around in short sleeves-- not often at all.  I was tempted to play hookey from work but with better judgement, decided not too! Here's a picture of the view of Golden Gate Park-- gorgeous right?

Looking at Golden Gate Park

Since I was stuck at work, I decided to treat myself to an ice cold honey dew juice! The place I go to actually makes it fresh and it's definitely what Denise would call bomb dot com!

Perfect day for some honey dew juice
I also took advantage of the fact that it's my last two days here at the optometry office to splurge a little on lunch! I was craving some sushi and decided to pay Yum Yum Fish a visit. Best spicy tuna I've ever had!!

 I think this combo was called the Orchid. So yummmy!

I felt like my nails were a little dark for me so I added some pink sparkles to it! I coulnd't catch a clear picture so here's the best I could do!

Nails of the day remiiiix!

Beebs is definitely enjoying this warmer weather! I think it reminds of her socal!

Beebs looks like a little snorelax.. and believe me, she was snoring away!
 Cheers and enjoy the sun!

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