March 31, 2011

Another Gorgeous San Francisco Day & NOTD Remixed!

If you're from San Francisco then you know how often we see sunshine and can walk around in short sleeves-- not often at all.  I was tempted to play hookey from work but with better judgement, decided not too! Here's a picture of the view of Golden Gate Park-- gorgeous right?

Looking at Golden Gate Park

Since I was stuck at work, I decided to treat myself to an ice cold honey dew juice! The place I go to actually makes it fresh and it's definitely what Denise would call bomb dot com!

Perfect day for some honey dew juice
I also took advantage of the fact that it's my last two days here at the optometry office to splurge a little on lunch! I was craving some sushi and decided to pay Yum Yum Fish a visit. Best spicy tuna I've ever had!!

 I think this combo was called the Orchid. So yummmy!

I felt like my nails were a little dark for me so I added some pink sparkles to it! I coulnd't catch a clear picture so here's the best I could do!

Nails of the day remiiiix!

Beebs is definitely enjoying this warmer weather! I think it reminds of her socal!

Beebs looks like a little snorelax.. and believe me, she was snoring away!
 Cheers and enjoy the sun!

March 30, 2011

NOTD & Some Cam-Whoring Before My Haircut

Being in the office alone all day really really sucks... luckily for me, there's a Walgreens across the street and I was in dire need of a mani! So I did what every good optician would... I locked the office door, ran across the street and bought nail polishes for a mani. (we already had remover in the office-- apparently, it's somehow used to fix glasses!)

I've been using the Sally Hansen Insta-dri ever since I discovered the pink one! I loove how it dries so quickly! It literally made it possible for me to do my nails in 15 minutes.

The nailpolishes I ended up with!

Uptempo Plum & Clearly Quick
I decided to give the top coat a try and no doubt, it makes a difference. It actually helped make the polish dry even faster and I really hope that it'll help it last!

Ta-Dah! Not bad for a 15 min mani right?
You can't really see it in the picture but it's really a plum color with slight shimmer! The color is darker than my usual but it'll work for now!

I'm finally decided to get a hair cut... I'm long overdue-- probably should've gotten one about a month ago! I'm excited to get off work to go get it done! Finally my ends will no longer be super dry and stringy!

Here's my everyday work face!

Why do I always look so much better with a bright bright flash?

Three Little Birdies Exploring the City!

Yesterday was my roomie from Irvine, Denisey's 24th birthday!! Happppy birthday! Both Eva and I decided to take the day off to celebrate with our dear dear friend! I started off the morning with some Bikram Yoga then quickly went home to get ready for Denise's special day! What a fabulous day of girl time! Definitely reminds me of the days when Denise and I lived in Irvine and Eva came to visit us every month!
Eva W., Denise W., and I.. a.k.a the three stooges!

Here's what we really look like! Eva W. Denise W. and myself! I'm definitely blessed with good looking friends :)
 Our first stop was R&G Lounge for lunch! Soooooo yummy! A bit overpriced tho-- $40 for one crab! o.O

Their signature dish: salt and pepper crab!

Next stop was San Francisco's famous V.I.P. in Chinatown for dan tats! Usually it's warm and flaky but unfortunately, it was just lukewarm today. Oh well, better luck next time!

Custard tarts!
 After lunch, we decided to go home and take a minibreak before heading out to happy hour! While parked, someone hit Denise's van! Wtheck?!! Luckily, the man was nice and insured so it was no biggie! Seems like every year at around Denise's birthday, a minivan gets hit. Hope this is not going to be a tradition!

During our rest time, I actually discovered my new favorite fruit-- the dragonfruit! What is not to love? It's pink, exotic and tastes like a sweet kiwi! Yummmm! Can't wait to get more!
Dragonfruit-- my new favorite fruit!
Finally it was happy hour time! We picked Ponzu as our first stop. We had to rush there to make it for hh and it felt like we had to walk a mile from our car through the ghetto to get to this spot-- poor Eva, she was wearing heels too! *sigh* Beauty is pain!

We were slightly disapointed by the happy hour drinks but they made up for the lack of good hh drinks with good hh food! We literally ordered everything on the menu except for three! Definitely sounds like us little piggies!
Denise and I! Roomie love! I got buzz off of one glass of champagne. Super cheap date!

Eva Diva and Denisey! Bestie since they were in the womb!

Most of our hh dishes! Fries, satay, calamari, chicken wings, veggie root chips...more coming!

Kobe slider! Sooo tiny and cute!

Kalbi short ribs.
Unsatisfied by our hh experience at Ponzu, we decided to venture out to another hh spot, Sugar Cafe.
 We were all so glad that we did. The decor of the place was so nice and chill with a cute barista/bartender! We eneded up sitting and chatting for almost two hours about life. While chatting, we spotted this gorgeous man walk in (not as gorgeous as my Mr. W. of course!)! All three of us were star strucked by how good looking he was-- we all agreed that he made the bartender look like nothing. Hot men definitely made Denise's birthday 10x better!
Our view in Sugar Cafe
Brownie sundae
My day out with two of my best girl friends made me realize what a lovely city I live in and how lucky I am that I have such good company. Now that Eva is finally done with her MCAT, I can't wait to see what other adventures we have in store for us!

Even a bad picture can't deny the beauty of this city.


March 28, 2011

Project Va Va Voom: 2 and a half week progress check

It's the two and a half week progress mark and I just wanted to show how my lashes have grown.

Here they are fully mascara-d. Honestly, the effects are less impressive when I'm wearing make up-- I almost feel like they looked very close to this before I started to use Latisse...

Bam! Here they are au natruale with no mascara at all! Look at the length!

I'm not sure if I'd continue spending $120 on a 3mL bottle every month of so. The results are just decent so far and I feel like my natural lashes are already long enough. I'm going to finish the bottle and continue to see what kind of results I get before I make the decision!


March 27, 2011

FOTN: Minimal Eyes and Flashy Lips

Going out for my my ex-roomie's surprise birthday dinner tonight! Usually I like to put falsies on to give my eyes the full Va Va Voom effect but decided to play low key on my eyes and let my lips do the talking instead!

Here I am wearing my favorite Milani lipflash in flashy. I've never worn bright lipstick like this except for my short stint at Sephora! Initially, it was all weird but by the end of the night, I was confidently embracing my sparkly lips. (could've been liquor courage?) Either way, I think I'll be trying out new lip colors soon!

Here I am at work right before I touched up for my night out! (lip stick stayed on throughout the entire day!)

Happy birthday Denisey! Hope you had a blast last night!


March 23, 2011

NOTD: Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri in Flashy Fuchsia

I had an interview today so I had to do a quickie mani last night! Since Cathay Pacific only allow pink or red nail polish, I chose my signature pink!

I've tried Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri before and didn't care for it but since Mr. W.'s little 3 year old neice is able to use it to paint her little fingers, I figured, so can I!

For just one coat, the color turned out to be bold and smooth. However, I didn't like how you can only do one stroke otherwise it will take forever to dry.

This definitely is a time saver-- took me litereally less than 10 minutes to paint and dry my nails! Only down side is that you must get it right at first stroke. For me, I had a hard time making sure I paint the corners in just one stroke.

Also, it chips really quickly, so don't expect it to last the whole week! I'll definitely use it again when I'm in a rush but if not, then I'll probably be back to my OPI and Essie stash instead!


March 21, 2011

There's Always Time to Shop After the Storm!

The weather in Cali has been crazy for the past week. Along with rainstorms and tornadoes there were mini tsunamis and earthquake predictions. Scary stuff.

Luckily for us, on Sunday, the sun decided to give us a sweet surprise and came out to play! What's the best morning after rainstorm remedy? Shopping!

Mr. W, my mom, Beebs and I decided to go on a mini roadtrip and drive two hours to our favorite outlet to do some bargain shopping! We all ended with some goodies, but I definitely did the most damage!

I bought this little going out clutch at the Coach outlet for $50! They have 30% off on top of the 20% on top of their outlet price! Quite the steal!

I just absolutely love clutches with inside slots. It's perfect for a night out! I won't have to worry about my ID or credit cards falling out while I'm constantly taking my camera in and out to camera whore!

There's even a little back pocket! This sparkly leather color is closer to the true color than the top one!

I also got this bikini at Gap! (never would've guessed huh!) I love the fit of the top-- it offers support and is super flattering on my lady lumps! It was only $25 for the set since we had friends&family! Another steal!

My next purchase was not a steal-- it's silly that I went to the Sony outlet to buy a full priced lappy. :( But I didn't want to wait!!

Originally I had my eye on the 11 inch MacBook Air but once I saw this VAIO, I fell in love. What's not to love? It's pink, sleek, ultra portable and did I mention it has the same specs as the MacBook Air for much less?

Now I can finally blog on an actually computer and not my iPhone! (even though I am currently still blogging on my phone AND my old VAIO has no problems with it!)

Bebe is such a camerawhore! The minute I pull up my phone to snap photos of my new computer, she had to run in and pose! Here she is just chilling in front of my new lappy that is totally her size!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! If you're in the stormy weather, hope you stayed dry and drive safe!


March 20, 2011

Tickle Me Feather

Ever since I could remember, I've always wanted a tattoo. I went from a scorpion to a bow and ended up with something way more meaningful than I originally thought of. It literally took me six years to get this tattoo!

I've always been told that I was proud as a peacock-- and honestly, I'm vain like one too. I've always said, vanity is my favorite sin and I have absolutely no problems admitting to it. I don't believe in walking out looking un-put together. I like my nails and hair to always be done and my make up to be immaculate. Sounds vain and high maintenance, but what's wrong with that? I don't ask or expect people around me to do the same.

Long story short, I've always been ridiculed for being high maintenance, vain and competitive. Like a peacock spreading his tail to court the object of his affection, I too will put on my best to get whatever it is that I want.

On a more less-selfish meaning, my three feathers are a homage to three important women who impacted my life greatly and taken away too early. My auntie Marianne, Cat and Pearl were three very different women but they all stood for strong, independent women. Having them in my life was a blessing and I'm continuing being blessed with them watching over me in heaven.

Here is what first session left me with. Looking back, we probably should've looked through portfolios and selected an artist more carefully, but with beginners luck, KarTom and I found Ryan. He took his time sketching our vision and he did a fabulous time incorporating his with ours. After 3 hours of bitching, moaning and squeezing Mr. W's hand till it turned purple, I was finished with my outline!! Special thanks to KarTom who knew exactly what to do (keep talking to me) to take my mind of the pain! Even the artist said it was a "pretty sizable" tattoo for a first timer!

Couple months later, I finally got it shaded in! In this picture, you can still see my blood from the tips! Another 2 hours and my feathers were finished forever! I'm in love with the colors and cannot wait to show if off in the summer! I specifically wanted it somewhere where it'll only show when I want it to-- and even though the side is known tremendously for being painful, I knew I had to deal with the pain and follow my heart on what I wanted! A tattoo is for life-- not a time to compromise what I want!

This has really motivated me to start working out and focusing on achieving a tone flat tummy!

One month later... I have an ab dimple!! Eyes on the prize-- give me two more months and my tummy will be flat as a board!

Now hopefully I can come up with a 2nd tattoo sooner than another 6 years!


NOTD: One Less Lonely Glitter & Essie's All About Matte Topcoat

Ok, I didn't know that Nicole's One Less Lonely Glitter was part of the Justin Bieber collection.. I swear! Even if I did, I wouldn't have discriminated since I have nothing against the Biebs! The kid even shares a nickname with my baby! Everytime I hear or see a picture if the Biebs, I think of my little pom!

I decided to be adventurous and pair the glitter polish with Essie's All About Matte topcoat. The only reason why I even own the mattifying topcoat is because my mom had accidentally purchased it! I have to be honest, I think nail polish should be shiny not matte but like I said, I was feeling adventurous!

I wouldn't say that I didn't like the outcome but I certainly didn't love it. It was interesting. As a sparkle enthusiast, I definitely prefer the shiny sparkles. I probably won't be using the top coat unless I'm feeling adventurous again! But I am excited to play with the Biebs glitter polish and see how I can make it purty on my nails!


March 16, 2011

Smack! Milani lip flash in flashy.

Poor baby. Mr. W got marked by the devil while he was sleeping innocently! Smack!

I was wearing the Milani lipflash in flashy! Ever since I saw my cousin wearing this, I've been looking all around for it! I finally found it at my local Walgreens tonight!

Just wanted to show a quick swatch! The color photographs so well and it's so sparkly and glossy even though it's in a pencil form! I'm seriously impressed by the pigmentation of it!

I give it a B only because it smudges and needs to be reapplied very frequently!


March 15, 2011

Project Va Va Voom: Latisse Lashes

I finally caved in and spent $120 on a small 3ml bottle of Latisse. But in my defense, it was a buy one get one free deal from Allergan (the manufacturer). While working for an opthalmologist, I've witnessed many glaucoma patients get intense results from this product, but unfortunately for them and for me, once you start to use Latisse you have to continue or else your lashes will revert to it's original state. My only consultation is that I might in the end saving on mascara and falsies and of course, the time I spend applying mascara every morning!

Here I am on day 1 without any mascara. I am blessed with pretty long and curly lashes (for an Asian girl) to begin with, thanks to my mum cutting my eyelashes with scissors when I was young. (no joke!)
Here are my lashes with mascara but pre-Latisse. Already looks like falsies, so I am really excited to see what Latisse has in store for me!

Here I am at day 3. Is it my imagination or does my lashes look longer and thicker already? The doc told me it would take at least a month to show results, but I almost feel like I'm already getting some results!

For those of you who are curious, this is what the package looks like. You get a 3mL eye drop bottle plus 60 applicators. Ideally, you're supposed to use one applicator per night for 30 days. I was warned that the bottle will last up to two months, so I use one applicator for both eyes per night. Some people like to use their own eyeliner brush, but I'm not picky and have no problem with the provided applicators.
All in all, I'm very excited to see what kind of results I'll get! I'm still sad that it'll cost me $120 every month, but it's expensive being a girl!

Stay tuned for more pictures along the way!