April 18, 2010

I left my head and my ♥ on the dance floor...

True, but I will always return your telephone call.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people would tell me that they'd call me back or call me later but fail to do so. If you're going to say you will then do so! It's so rude and shows me that I'm not important enough for you to return my call.

There are some of you that are frequent and constant offenders; so tell me, is it that you forget to return the phone call or that you just can't bother with it? What's worse is when people fail to return texts or emails. Wtheck?! We all know you read it... so why can't you take 2 seconds out of your oh so busy day and return the text?!

Frustrations! I've come to learn that some people are simply uncorresponsive (is that even a word?) but really, as a friend, lover or whatever I am, is this something that I should adapt to? Here's the scenario, I text someone and ask them "Hey can you give me a call when you get home" and they tell me that they'll be home "soon", is it safe to assume that I should receive the call within the next two hours? It's outrageous that I am still here FOUR FRICKEN HOURS later, call-less and still waiting. Forget it buddy, I'm outta here! Ciao!